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Political Science

Availability: Gulf Park and Hattiesburg Options

Political Science

Political Science: Principles of Power

Politics shape every aspect of our lives. Political Science helps you understand how politics works, and how to influence it.

We examine the institutions of government, from the local to the international level. We also delve into the additional aspects of politics, including media, political parties, interest groups, religion, and the roles of women and minorities.

The major offers entrance into advanced study, practical politics, government work, and employment in the private sector.


3Recent Truman Scholarship Finalists
22Washington Center Interns since 2016

What Will I Learn?

Students learn how to make sense of political processes in the United States and internationally:

  • Use data to understand election results; analyze the political coalitions; and explain voter behavior.
  • Understand how institutions and interest groups affect policy-making in areas like trade, health care, reproductive rights, and immigration.
  • Learn to read, and develop, legal and political arguments related, for example, to civil rights and the scope of political authority.
  • Develop critical thinking, writing, and oral communication skills applicable to a broad range of careers.

Intellectual Diversity

Within the context of a welcoming and supportive learning environment, faculty challenge students from a wide variety of perspectives. Their intellectual commitments, teaching styles, and research methods are varied, and they invite meaningful debate and discussion.

Faculty in Political Science are known for their dedication to teaching. They are committed to making sure that students have what they need to be successful, both in and beyond the classroom.

Political Science is a Pathway to 100+ Careers

Have you wondered what a Political Science degree can offer for a career? This degree prepares students for careers in national, state and local government, law, teaching, research, policy, international service and other fields.

For more information, check out the Career Services office on the USM campus or visit the link below to show how you can use your Political Science major! 



Degree Plan Availability
Gulf Park, Hattiesburg
Gulf Park, Hattiesburg

Contact Us

School of Social Science and Global Studies

456 Liberal Arts Building (LAB)

118 College Drive #5108
Hattiesburg, MS 39406

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  • Local, State, and National Government
  • Political Campaigns and Political Advocacy
  • Higher Education
  • Policy Analyst
  • Law School and Legal Practice
  •   Political Consultant
  • Jeffrey George, 2016
     Ward 1 Representative, Hattiesburg City Council, Hattiesburg, MS.
  • David Walley, 2014
    Attorney at Pine Belt Land Title LLC, New Augusta, MS.
  • John Duck, 1977
    Attorney at Law, Adams and Reese LLP, New Orleans, LA
  • J.D. Rimann, 2016
    Campaign Manager, Mike Toth for Justice, Austin, TX.
  • Chad Driskell, 1993
    Vice President for External Affairs, The University of 51 Mississippi, Hattiesburg, MS
  • Kendra Kitchens, 2019
    West Coast Investment Assistant for Pete Buttigieg's Presidential Campaign, San Francisco, CA.